The Increasing Number of LBC in China and What We Can Do About It

If 58 million wasn’t alarming enough, a recent report by the All-China Women’s Federation reveals that the number of left behind children (LBC) in China has significantly increased. The official number of LBC in China is now over 61 million. That means 37.7% of all children living in China are growing up away from their parents.


Will this number continue to rise? Wang Zhenyao, the director of the China Philanthropy Research Institute at Beijing Normal University states that the left behind issue, if left unsolved, will pose a serious threat to the nation’s future.


“These children are the future of the nation and deserve our loving care and protection,” Wang stated.


Read more in this article published by the English Website of China News.


We believe in providing LBC with the loving care and protection described by Wang Zhenyao. GCV’s summer workshops promoted these same ideals. We educated the LBC caretakers on proper care of the LBC’s specific needs. This is the start of lessening the negative effects that plague millions of LBC.


The rising number of LBC stresses the importance of improving relationships between LBC and their parents. Every LBC should feel valued and supported. Action is needed now more than ever, join us in tackling this global issue.


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