A Bit About GCV Co-Founder Becca Berman

Becca at a GCV school event at HeZhen Elementary School, Qianshan County, Anhui

Becca at a GCV school event at HeZhen Elementary School, Qianshan County, Anhui

“I never dreamed of co-founding a nonprofit, but passion often brings strength to do things you didn’t know you could.”

During the summer of 2012, Becca Berman had the opportunity to work in Shanghai, China. During this time, she got to know many of her Chinese coworkers. “I would ask them about their families and I could see the pain in their eyes when they said, ‘my child is not here.’” At first she was confused and wondered, “Then where are they?” But as she talked with more and more people and researched the issue, she discovered that there are millions of left behind children (LBC) around the world. This led to helping launch Global Children’s Vision.

Becca is ecstatic to see how far the organization has gone in such a short amount of time. This summer she traveled alongside GCV around China to work with LBC and their families. Currently, she is busy in the United States with a variety of speaking engagements, spreading awareness about LBC, and planning GCV programs for the future. Becca is encouraged by the response that she gets from her U.S community. “People are constantly blown away by the issue and our mission. However, people’s desire to get involved is what encourages met the most from my community.”

Becca anticipates a bright future for GCV and the families that GCV has the privilege to serve. “GCV is a catalyst for change,” she says. “We can’t change the left behind children’s circumstances; however, we can help make the distance between families seem closer.” While working in China, she was inspired by the hope that GCV brought to LBC and their caretakers. Now, she is eager to continue providing these families with the resources that they need.

“The amount of lives that we can impact is limitless. That’s what makes our work so exciting. This issue is not going away anytime soon, but we can help to bring immediate relief.”

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