About Us

Global Children’s Vision (GCV) was formed with one purpose: to be an advocate for the voiceless children around the world. Many children, including LBC, are doomed by statistics and are told that they have no chance to defy the odds. GCV uses credible research to formulate models that enable each child to have a chance to reach for the stars.


Our Mission

Global Children’s Vision empowers individuals with life tools to embrace their future. We commit to families with vulnerable children, increasing their resilience and chance of success through implementing models created by educators, psychologists, and researchers.


Our Core Values

We expect integrity by being transparent, honest, and ethical in all operations

We promote servant leadership through open-communication, working as a whole, and serving the greater good.

We are committed to excellence and continuous improvement to maintain the highest standards of quality and responsibility.

We respect all individuals through being attentive, open-minded, and recognizing the importance of diversity.

We are passionate about our mission and strive to enhance lives around the world.


Behind the Name

All children have the same vision for their life: to be loved, happy, and a chance to reach for their dreams. They do not understand societal norms, but instead embrace life with an optimism for the future.  Our name, Global Children’s Vision, was formed from the belief that all children deserve these basic hopes. They should not be doomed by statistics before they even have the chance to succeed. We help make this vision become a reality.

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