“Children Left Behind” in Rural China Documentary

If you are looking for a way to see into the lives of the left behind children but are unable to make the long trek to China, luckily there is a documentary out that can give you just that. The Hong Kong documentary, “Children Left Behind,” provides a look into the lives of children who are living without their parents by their sides. It details the changes and difficulties that the left behind children go through while their parents are away, and also gives the kids a chance to speak about how they feel about their parents being gone. One thing that is very striking to see in this documentary is that though all of these children are experiencing the same thing, many of them react in very different ways. Some are very driven to succeed despite the absence of the parents, while others become downtrodden and unmotivated. The differences are intriguing, and it is interesting to see how these children handle their situation in such a variance of ways. Visit this link to look at the full documentary to learn about left behind children here.

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