About Us

Who is Global Children’s Vision?

We are a grassroots nonprofit which seeks to aid children in rural areas by enabling them with the abilities to pursue their dreams. We begin by resolving barriers, which prevent normal physical, social-emotional, and cognitive development. We acknowledge that all children are unique and that each child, despite family status, race, gender, should have the abilities to succeed. No child should simply be a number, deemed to fail before they have been given a fair chance at life. We address each issue with the mindset of a young child: with hope, energy, and nonconformity to societal norms. Our organization is currently pending legal 501(c)(3) status.


What is the mission of Global Children’s Vision?

We strive to empower individuals with life tools to embrace their future. We commit to families with vulnerable children, increasing their resilience, and chance of success through implementing models created by educators, psychologists, and researchers.


What inspired Global Children’s Vision to address this issue?

In many parts of the world, the prevalence of left behind children is a social norm. However, there has yet to be an organization exclusively formed to address and facilitate resolution to this issue. We are determined to be the change we want to see in the world.


The Issue

What is a left behind child?

A left behind child is someone whose parent(s) moved away from them in order to find work. This often happens when parents migrate from rural areas to the bigger cities. The children are left behind for several reasons: to ensure a familiar and stable environment, guaranteed access to education and healthcare benefits, and to help take care of their elderly grandparents.


If the parents leave, where do the children go?

The children are most often left with grandparents, relatives, or friends. Sometimes, the children are housed in boarding schools.


What impact does being a left behind have on a child?

Many children are left feeling vulnerable to psychological and physical development issues, human trafficking, and sexual abuse. Research shows that these children have a higher risk of depression, which often leads to suicide, and becoming involved in criminal activities.


Where does this issue happen?

This issue happens all over the world but is especially prevalent in Asia and Eastern Europe.


How does GCV plan to deal with local governments?

The purpose of GCV is not to defy local governments, but to enforce their own ideals: value of education and importance of a well-balanced diet. We seek to enable children to be their best and not let the pressures of their current situation undermine their success.


Getting Involved

Where can I make a donation?

If you visit our organization website, visit the “Contribute” section and making a donation is quick and easy.


How will GCV use my donation?

We are a 100% transparent organization and all donors will be told where their donations are allocated specifically. All funds go into putting on educational workshops for the children and their families as well as operational costs.


How can I verify that my donation has been processed?

You will receive an electronic receipt immediately after making the donation.


How can I fundraise for Global Children’s Vision?

We are always excited to hear about your creative ideas. Contact us with your fundraising ideas and we will help you get started.

Who should I contact with further questions?

Please contact us at info@globalchildrensvision.org and we will be happy to address any of your questions.

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