GCV works with grandparents of LBC at Workshop Event

GCV works with grandparents of LBC at Workshop Event

In early May, GCV members Cheng Qian and Becca Berman took off to China to share GCV’s mission with locals in Anhui, China and service Left Behind Children and their families. Since then, they have been hosting events and getting to know the communities where they are hosted. In this way GCV is currently working to empower the lives of LBC.

Last week, after collaborating with The Committee for the Education of the Next Generation of China, they joined in a parent and guardian workshop at Sunshine Preschool in Qianshan. During the meeting, they discussed physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of children, including the importance of imagination and play in early childhood. Not to overlook the value of family, they also explained the important role of parents and grandparents in this development.

This program helped everybody gain a new perspective to early childhood education and learn about basic health care.

Over half of the attendees were grandparents and primary guardians of Left Behind Children, and they shared many stories of their trials. Some described the difficulties in educating their grandchildren. Many older members are not literate themselves, and this generation gap makes it difficult for them to discipline children and to find a balance of authority. Many times, their only goal for the children’s development is keeping them away from physical danger.

“It was helpful to hear individual stories that families with LBC faced in this region of China,” Cheng said after the meeting. “The event was helpful in bringing together a diverse group of people: GCV, the government committee, parents, and LBC grandparents, to learn more about troubles of parenting in grand-families.”

The speeches were recorded and shared through various media outlets in the area.

We hope that this workshop will enlighten parents and grandparents on basic health and education knowledge of children.

Hopefully more discussion groups will be formed in the future and many grandparents can learn about important factors in the development of their grandchildren. They are not alone in their battle!

Stay tuned for more updates on GCV’s work in Anhui, China this summer!




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