Left Behind Children and the Issue of Vulnerability

The generation of left behind children currently emerging in China is vulnerable to physical hurt, because their personal safety is often jeopardized by the absence of parents. In the past few years, an increasing amount of LBC suffers death by drowning, poisoning, traffic accidents or fire incidents. This is partly because children of absent parents are relied upon for farm work, even though many of them are far too young to participate, increasing chances of injury. In addition, these children are often not properly supervised by adults. Professor Shang Xiaoyuan of the Research Center for Children at Beijing Normal University said, “The root cause is their lack of parental custody.”

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One incident that sheds light on this issue occurred earlier this summer. In Wenqing Village near Nanchang City, three left behind children—siblings Luo Zhikun, Luo Danni and Lue Zhimo—drowned while playing in a reservoir at the entrance of the village. Because no one was around at the time, the bodies of the 10, 9 and 5-year-old were not found until late in the day. The children lived with their grandmother and their bedridden grandfather, who reside in the house closest to the reservoir. According to family members, the parents of the three siblings used to work in the village and were able to look after their children. However, they have worked in a hotel in the city of Zhuhai of Guangdong province for the past year.

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Without the support of their parents, who can supervise left behind children before more of them become victims? Solutions must be found for this social problem.

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