Mental Instabilities of LBC and What We Can Do About It

Growing up with little or no supervision, left behind children are incredibly vulnerable to developing mental instabilities and psychological issues.

“Experts are calling for better care and stronger intervention to deal with the psychological troubles suffered by children left behind,” says an article published by China Daily News.

Zhong Baoliang, a scientist working for the Wuhan Mental Health Center, after conducting a survey of 1,200 LBC explained that many now suffer from “learning disabilities, depression, social phobias and other troubles”.

Not only that, but Sang Biao, psychology professor at East China Normal University, said that, when compared to children raised by their parents, the unattended children of migrant workers are often more vulnerable to psychological troubles. These generally include depression and learning disabilities.

“They need more care for all of society,” Zhong Baoliang said.

Such children suffer from these disorders most likely because they have been deprived of something that is so important to the lives of developing children: parental love.

How can we expect a child to grow and mature without parental figures that are sensitive to their needs and interests?

According to a WorldCrunch article, the absence of such support and care “seriously influences the healthy psychological development of these children.” Currently, as many as 57% of China’s LBC suffer from some psychological problem or instability.

These issues are not being overlooked by leaders in China. Three years ago, the Care for Abandoned Children Fund was founded. “I aim to run the foundation… it’s not a charity to give out cash,” said founder Wang Guohua. “What abandoned children mainly need is care and motivation.” Currently, Wang Guohua is putting to work his idea to elect ‘role model abandoned children’. These elected children will hopefully inspire LBC around the country to feel valuable and motivated.

The Care for Abandoned Children Fund is currently doing great things in China. What the 61 million LBC need is care, motivation and love, and GCV is working to provide this to as many LBC as possible.



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