More on the problem of Left Behind Children

58 million is a number that is almost incomprehensible. This massive number reflects the amount of children in China that have been left behind by their parents. If that is only in one country, imagine how many Left Behind Children there are around the globe. With their parents off in the cities, the lives of many Left Behind Children in the rural countryside have become close to a nightmare.


Melinda Liu, the Bejing bureau chief for Newsweek and The Daily Beast, has dedicated research and writings to highlighting the serious outcomes faced by Left Behind Children in her article. She states, “Some become juvenile delinquents at an early age. Others are insecure and reclusive. Still others fall victim to sexual abuse. These left-behind kids grow up in rural villages without much contact with their parents, who work in China’s cities and often delegate child-rearing duties to grandparents or other relatives.”


In her article, Liu describes the heartbreaking separations between parents and children, and in some cases, a young child will go years without seeing his or her parents. These absences will inevitably cause disorder in the lives of many youngsters.


Global Children’s Vision has a mission to empower the lives of these children. Don’t hesitate to get involved and join in our mission to change the lives of Left Behind Children.

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