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We connect families that are living apart from each other. Millions of left behind children (LBC) around the world are the product of parents who migrated to provide higher incomes for their families. This separation often makes LBC feel alone and different from other children. We provide resources that bring relief to these families while living apart. It is hard enough for children to grow up in the absence of their parents and our work makes the distance feel smaller. We provide resource centers for children to connect with their parents. These resource centers provide computers and phones to stay in touch with their parents. Educational books and programs also create a safe place for children to learn and grow.


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Left behind children (LBC) are a phenomenon caused by rapid economic growth in countries around the world. Although most prevalent in Asia and Eastern Europe, millions of these children across the globe are left behind by parents who have no choice but to move to urban areas or other countries to find work. These children are left home in rural areas in hopes that they will grow up in a more stable environment provided by relatives or friends. Unfortunately, the children suffer serious distress that is detrimental to their health and development. Most often, caretakers are uneducated and lack knowledge in the proper care of children, which often results in neglect of the child. Feelings of abandonment combined with low self-worth make LBC susceptible to higher rates of depression, human trafficking, sexual abuse, criminal activities, and suicide.


Left Behind Children > China

GCV currently brings aid to the highest population of LBC in the world: China. China currently has over 61 million LBC, 40% of which are under age five. China’s economic development has forced millions of workers to emigrate from the rural areas into the cities. The result is millions of children left to stay in their home provinces.



Our Resolution

We empower individuals with life tools to embrace their future. Using the powerful tool of education, we teach the LBC and their families tangible ways to lessen the negative effects of being left behind. From the importance of a balanced diet to the value of education, we foster support for families through education that is often taken for granted in some parts of the world. By providing support and helping them overcome the struggles of life, we hope that each left behind child and family can have the chance for a bright future.

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